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The minimum age for any consultation and a surgical procedure is 18. It is not possible to proceed with treatment if you become pregnant.

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Introducing our gastric band  packages

Everything you need to know about the gastric band surgery packages we offer

Like all weight loss surgeries, the success of your gastric band journey will very much depend on your motivation to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Your gastric band is a fantastic weight loss tool which combined with changing your eating habits and committing to regular exercise, you will be best placed to achieve your own personal goals. And most importantly, maintaining the best possible weight loss results for life.

As weight loss surgery is a long-term journey rather than a miracle solution, it’s important to think about aftercare so you are fully supported and best placed to achieve your goals towards a happier, healthier you.

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What our gastric band packages  include

Our gastric band packages offer a lot of benefits and full aftercare support, whether you choose bronze, silver or gold package. Each package is designed to ensure you have support required to help you achieve your weight loss goals. Throughout your journey with us, you will have the support and guidance of our  weight loss experts. All of our packages include: 

·  The cost of the surgery performed by your GMC registered surgeon

·  Unlimited pre and post-operative care

·  Regular dietitian appointments

·  Support from our bariatric nurses

·  Surgical cover for the length of your package

·  Access to 24-hour emergency helpline

·  Free 12-month membership to UK slimming club BandBoozled

·  Option of private transport to and from surgery available

·  Gastric band adjustments where necessary

·  Regular appointments at our network of nationwide clinics

Gastric band packages explained

It couldn’t be simpler. We offer three different packages – bronze, silver and gold, all of which provide you with the right level of support you need to achieve your weight loss goals.

Bronze – offers 1 year of aftercare and is the minimum level of aftercare which you must choose as part of your weight loss surgery. This includes:

· Surgical, hospital and anesthetist fees

· 1-year surgical cover

· 12 band adjustments

· 6 dietitian appointments

· Unlimited weight loss support team access 

· 1 year membership to BandBoozled

Silver – for those patients which want a little bit more, our silver aftercare package offers 2 years of cover following your gastric band surgery.

This includes:

· Surgical, hospital and anesthetist fees

· 2-year surgical cover

· 18 band adjustments

· 12 dietitian appointments

· Unlimited weight loss support team access 

· 1 year membership to BandBoozled

Gold – is the maximum extended aftercare package which we offer and covers you for 6 years following your procedure.

This includes:

· Surgical, hospital and anesthetist fees

· 6-year surgical cover

· 32 band adjustments

· 18 dietitian appointments

· Unlimited weight loss support team access 

· 1 year membership to BandBoozled

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Bronze, silver or gold: which gastric band package is right for me?

When choosing your gastric band package, you will need to consider that the package you choose determines the length of your aftercare, the level of support and medical assistance which you receive. For example, with a gold gastric band package you will have up to 32 band adjustments and 18 dietitian appointments available should you require them.

The package which is most suited to you is, of course, dependent on your individual needs. 

We will be able to recommend which level of support you need and which package you would benefit from the most in your free consultation with a member of our weight loss team by reviewing your individual needs and factors including your medical history and current BMI.

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What happens when your gastric band package expires?

If your original gastric band package and your aftercare expire, there are additional packages available for you to purchase so you are never without the support you need. 

Our weight loss support team offer various band adjustments, dietary advice and nurse advise packages suited to your individual weight loss needs.

If your aftercare is about to expire or has expired and you would like to find out more about your options, visit our weight loss support page.

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