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The minimum age for any consultation and a surgical procedure is 18. It is not possible to proceed with treatment if you become pregnant.

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Gastric band weight loss surgery

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We understand that weight loss isn’t easy. If your attempts to lose weight through dieting and exercise have so far proved unsuccessful, gastric band surgery could be the weight loss tool to help you start the journey to a new you.

We understand how frustrating it is when your efforts don’t seem to get you closer to the results you are hoping to achieve. If you have a BMI (body mass index) over 30 and have struggled to lose weight through conventional methods in the past, a gastric band may be an option for you.

Gastric band surgery, also commonly known as a lap banding, helps with weight loss by stimulating nerve endings at the top of your stomach, which reduces your appetite and allows you feel satisfied on smaller portions of food. To ensure a gastric band assists your weight loss successfully, it will require adjustment to reach optimum efficiency. It’s a keyhole procedure that is reversible, so the band can be removed, and is less invasive than a gastric sleeve or gastric bypass operation.

As the UK’s leading weight loss and cosmetic provider, we have helped more than 18,000 people (since 2004) lose as much as 10 stone or more through gastric band surgery. Offering significant health benefits, it could just be the start of your journey to a more active and fulfilling lifestyle.

If you think you could benefit from gastric band surgery, get in touch today to discuss how gastric band surgery can support your weight loss journey.

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Why choose The Hospital Group for your gastric band?

As the UK’s largest provider of weight loss and cosmetic surgery group, performing thousands of procedures every year, we provide an exceptional surgical experience to our patients who put their trust in our care:

· Surgery performed by highly qualified bariatric surgeons: Only the most experienced surgeons perform gastric band surgery at The Hospital Group. You will meet your General Medical Council-registered bariatric surgeon prior to your operation.

· The only weight loss surgery provider to offer up to 6 years aftercare and surgical warranty: We provide unique gastric band surgery packages, all of which include aftercare and surgical warranty to give you the ultimate peace of mind.

· Medical support from our nursing team: Take advantage of the full medical support provided by our caring and expert nursing team, including clinical review appointments arranged at your convenience.

· Full weight loss journey care: With a network of clinics based across the UK, and our own state-of-the-art private hospital, Dolan Park in Worcestershire, The Hospital Group team provides exceptional professional care from your first consultation through to comprehensive aftercare.

· Additional packages: Choose additional care and services and benefit from the care provided by our weight loss support team.

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Gastric band results

Explore the weight loss successes our patients have achieved through gastric band surgery:

Marisa Keenan

Gastric band

the hospital group gastric band

Carly Elliott

Gastric band

the hospital group gastric band

How long is the recovery time following gastric band surgery?

Physical recovery following surgery will differ from person to person. As a general guide, gastric band surgery has a typically shorter recovery time than any other type of bariatric surgery, and most patients can leave hospital within a day following surgery. Most people find they can return to work following a week of rest, with normal activity to be expected within six weeks.

Returning to a normal diet takes on average 4 weeks. Your dietitian will provide you with all the details on what you should eat and drink following surgery. Usually, you will be advised to follow a fluid only diet for 2 weeks then a soft diet for 2 weeks.  Following this, you should be able to progress back onto solid food.  Your dietitian will provide detailed advice on the progression through each stage.

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How much do I need to weigh to get a gastric band?

Qualification for gastric band surgery is based on BMI rather than weight. Your BMI is calculated using your weight and height, so one person who weighs a certain amount may qualify, while another person may not.

Although the minimum BMI required for prospective patients is at least 30, whether you can have gastric band surgery or would benefit more from a different weight loss surgery will also depend on your medical conditions. You will be able to discuss all the details of surgery suitability with your consulting weight loss expert during your initial consultation.

Gastric band surgery frequently asked questions

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When you’re deciding whether to have surgery, it’s reassuring to have all the facts. You’ll be able to ask any questions at your consultation, but here are some that our patients most frequently ask.

Gastric band - Multiple FAQs

You will normally stay in hospital for one night after your procedure, and your surgeon will advise on your personalised care plan following your surgery.

The gastric band is designed to stay with you for life to assist you in achieving your target weight. However, it can be removed if you wanted to reverse the procedure

It’s a weight loss procedure where a silicone ring is placed close to the top of your stomach. This stimulates the nerve endings and helps to make you feel satisfied on smaller portions of food. The band is fully adjustable, and you will need band adjustments every so often to ensure it is optimally adjusted. It is important to make lifestyle changes too in terms of healthy eating and regular activity to achieve the best possible results

Pregnancy after you have had gastric band surgery has not been found to be dangerous; a 2014 study titled Pregnancy after laparoscopic gastric banding: maternal and neonatal outcomes concluded that it’s safe to carry a child while you have a gastric band. Your specialist dietitian will advise you on the best way to manage this both nutritionally and in terms of fluid in the band. However, it’s advisable to wait a year or so after surgery before getting pregnant. If you have any concerns, or you think you might be pregnant, speak to your surgeon and your local GP.

Lap band is short for laparoscopic gastric band, so it’s just another name for gastric band. If you’re not sure that gastric band is for you but are interested in other types of weight loss surgery, we also offer gastric sleeve and gastric bypass.

We recommend that you take a week off work to aid your recovery

Gastric bands are designed to help you lose weight gradually. The amount you lose will depend on committing to a healthy lifestyle and following your specialist dietitian’s advice to get the best results for you. The average weight loss after 3 years according to the 2014 National Bariatric Surgery Registry Report is 44-55% of excess weight

This varies from person to person. The first adjustment (if indicated) takes place a minimum of 5 weeks following surgery. Sometimes, simply having the band in place but without being tightened is enough to provide sufficient benefit. However, it usually takes about 4-6 months to reach a level where you are comfortably and consistently losing weight. After the first adjustment, band adjustments must be a minimum of three weeks apart, if indicated. We advise patients to take their lead from our specialist dietitians when deciding whether an adjustment is indicated. This helps you recognise how your own eating patterns and food choices help to activate the fluid in your band and how you can work with it

The exact length of physical recovery time is different for each person. Typically, you’ll be able to leave the hospital a day after your surgery but it’s worth taking a week off work to give yourself time to rest after this. Generally, we advise taking it relatively easy for the first two weeks after surgery and you should be able to resume all your day-to-day activities and exercise regime after six weeks. One of our dedicated and expert dietitians who will be looking after you, will advise you on food and liquids intake during recovery time.

The cost of gastric band surgery may vary, depending on a range of factors. Use our price check to work out how much your surgery could cost. You can choose to pay for your treatment in full or spread the cost out over 24, 36, 48 or 60 months using our finance options. For example, if your procedure costs £6,800, you could pay a £500 deposit on a loan plan at 12.9% APR and pay 48 monthly instalments at £140.78; this would mean you’d pay £8,946.80 in total.

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What gastric band packages do we offer?

Like all weight loss surgeries, the success of your gastric band journey will very much depend on your motivation to lead a healthy lifestyle. Whether you choose plus, prime or premium package, each package is designed to ensure you have the support required to help you achieve and maintain your personal weight loss goals.


All our gastric band surgery packages include:

  • · Your surgeon, hospital and anaesthetist fees
  • · Regular expert dietitian appointments
  • · Band adjustments and support from our bariatric nurses
  • · Surgical cover for the entire length of your package
  • · Access to 24-hour emergency helpline
  • · Free 12-month membership to slimming club BandBoozled
  • · Option of private transport to and from surgery available

Prime, plus and premium packages come with different levels of support. Your Patient Advisor will help you choose the packages that meets your needs best. Additionally, here are other benefits that come with different packages we offer:

gastric band prime package

· 12 band adjustments

· 6 dietitian appointments

· 1-year surgical cover

gastric band plus package

· 18 band adjustments

· 12 dietitian appointments

· 2-year surgical cover

gastric band premium package

· 32 band adjustments

· 18 dietitian appointments

· 6-year surgical cover

What are the side effects of gastric band surgery?

As with any surgery, gastric band surgery also carries potential side effects. They might differ from person to person, and your surgeon will discuss with you what to expect before you undergo the surgery. Some of the side effects include:

· Initial wound irritation

In the days and weeks following gastric band surgery, your wounds may experience bruising, swelling, and generalised pain and discomfort during recovery. It’s important to discuss this with your team to ensure infection isn’t missed.

· Stomach upset

If you move too quickly through the post-operative dietary stages or eat too quickly, take mouthfuls that are too large or don’t chew properly, you could find yourself feeling uncomfortable after eating or needing to regurgitate food once the band is fitted.

you could find yourself feeling sick or vomiting once the band is fitted. It is vitally important to follow the after-care diet outlined by your care team to reduce the risks.

There are also some complications you could experience following surgery, which could include:

· Infection

An infection could develop around the wound, or around the gastric band itself on your stomach.

· Abdomen injury

During surgery, there is a possibility that your stomach or other organs in your abdomen could become injured.

· Gastric band movement

The band itself can move, slip, and deflate, in the event of which surgery would need to be carried out to moved or replaced. In some instances, the band may need to be completely removed.

· Gallstones

Gallstones form in the gallbladder, and as they are hard, they can be very painful. These can occur after gastric band surgery if you lose weight rapidly and can often require surgery to be removed.

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At The Hospital Group, we’re here to look after you. As UK market leaders in weight loss management, we offer advice you can trust, treatment based on your individual needs, and support throughout your journey with us. Here’s a step-by-step guide to what you can expect.

Gastric band details

We want you to make a fully informed decision before you go ahead with surgery, so we offer a private consultation at your local clinic free of charge. At your consultation, you’ll meet with a bariatric surgeon to discuss the weight loss options available and whether gastric band surgery is the most suitable procedure for your needs. You’ll be able to ask questions about all aspects of the surgery, from aftercare and dietary changes to the results you can expect. You’ll also meet your patient care coordinator, who will be with you every step of the journey. They will give you a personal quotation of costs and information about finance options, the expected timescale, our surgical facilities and door-to-door transport services.

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At your consultation, you can book your surgery if you feel ready, but there’s no obligation to go ahead.Bariatric surgery is a big step and you may want to take time to do more research and think about your decision. We’ll give you a patient information booklet, which provides comprehensive information on your weight loss procedure, aftercare and dietary guidelines.This is an important resource and we require patients to read the detailed information it contains. You’ll also find lots of helpful information here on our website – you can read about our surgeons’ qualifications, THG’s weight loss management expertise and inspiring stories from some of our patients. Our patient care coordinators are available to discuss any concerns you may have. And when you feel ready, they can book you in for your procedure. We also have a 14-day ‘cooling off’ period in place, which means that if you change your mind about the procedure after booking within that period, you will not be charged.

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On the day of your surgery, your medical team will make your experience as comfortable as possible and you’ll meet your surgeon again before the procedure. Gastric banding involves placing a fully adjustable silicone ring around the top of the stomach to stimulate specific nerve ending in the stomach wall. Once the band has been adjusted sufficiently, this helps to create a feeling of satisfaction on smaller portions of food. A port is placed under the skin, which is easily accessible for adjustments of the band. Using a keyhole technique means that for most patients there will be very little scarring.

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We’ll be here throughout the recovery process to help you recuperate quickly.For gastric band surgery you’ll need to stay in the hospital where your surgery has taken place for at least one night following your procedure. However, sometimes the procedure can be performed as a day case. Each patient is given a personalised care plan, developed on the advice of their surgeon. All THG hospitals are equipped to the highest standards of clinical care and patient comfort.

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When you have a gastric band, the surgery is only the start of your journey. At THG, we offer a full package of aftercare support to help you achieve your weight loss goals. You’ll benefit from the following aftercare for up-to 6 years, depending on the package your have purchased: Unlimited band assessments with our highly trained nurses and dietitians, and adjustments when clinically indicated Surgical cover for up-to 6 years including post-op surgery for port adjustment, port replacement, port reconnection, correction for band slippage or erosion, and X-rays Access to a dedicated weight loss support team who can help with booking appointments, emotional support, practical ideas and solutions 24-hour emergency telephone helpline.

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