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Marisa Keenan's story

Marisa Keenan's story

Gastric Band

After trying numerous ‘fad’ diets, but unable to maintain any real weight loss, Marisa Keenan, 23, opted for a gastric band procedure with The Hospital Group.

“My confidence was at an all-time low,” says Marisa, “I’d hit 20 stone and I was only 23. I felt like I was missing out on the things my friends were all enjoying, like getting dressed up to go out and going to theme parks – I was too worried I wouldn’t fit on the rides. I knew that I needed to consider weight loss surgery as diets just weren’t working.

“The initial free consultation put my mind completely at ease, and gave me the confidence to go ahead and book the procedure. The surgeon was brilliant at not only discussing the procedure itself but also what life would be like with the band.

“The care I received from The Hospital Group has been fantastic, right from the very first appointment. The staff have all been amazing – really attentive and made sure all my needs were met.

“Since having the band, I started to lose weight quickly which was brilliant. Throughout the aftercare I have had many follow up phone calls from dieticians and there’s always a phone number to call if I ever have any concerns about my band which gives me great peace of mind. 

“I’ve now lost ten stone and my life has been completely transformed. I can exercise, I’m more confident, and overall I’m so much happier. Despite some initial concerns from my family, they are now thrilled I had it done as they can see what a difference it’s made to my life.

“I would recommend The Hospital Group to anyone thinking about weight loss surgery, because the service is absolutely brilliant, from start to finish. They made my dreams a reality and can do the same for you.”

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Meet Marisa Keenan's surgeon

Mr Nijjar qualified in Medicine and Surgery in 1994, and achieved Master of Science from University College London in October 2001.

He has worked as a Consultant Surgeon in Upper GI and Bariatric Surgery since 2009 and started working for The Hospital Group in September 2014.