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Coral Liburd's story

Coral Liburd's story

Breast enlargement

Coral Liburd, 48, had breast augmentation at The Hospital Group after having children and leading an avid fitness lifestyle changed her body shape. Six weeks after the procedure Coral was back at work as a fitness instructor and now feels like the woman she was meant to be.

“I decided to have surgery this year to improve my body confidence after having children and leading an avid fitness lifestyle resulted in a lean ‘boyish’ shape. I didn’t feel as feminine any more.

I had wanted the surgery for a number of years and was recommended The Hospital Group by someone who worked there. They had undergone breast augmentation and looked great.

I attended my initial consultation in May 2017 and was informed of the different options available. I asked questions about recovery times, returning to exercise, pain management and any potential limitations. I was sent a number of dates and eventually settled on a date in August 2017. I was kept well informed throughout.

The discomfort from surgery was greater than anticipated. However after a week I was able to discontinue the use of pain killers. I returned to the gym to teach my fitness classes after taking the advised six weeks off. The aftercare appointments were very thorough and informative and essential advice was given to ensure the healing process was timely and successful.

Cosmetic surgery has had a massive impact on my life. It has changed me in so many ways I never thought possible; I feel more positive, my confidence has increased and I feel like the woman I was meant to be. It’s one of the best things I’ve ever done.

My family were incredibly supportive and are happy for me. Their opinions of me haven’t changed at all – I’m still the same person on the inside.

I’d advise anyone thinking of surgery to do their own research and prepare lots of questions for the surgeon and patient care advisor. Speak to friends and family and use on-line forums if possible. Ensure you are having surgery for the right reasons i.e. for yourself. I have had a positive experience and have no regrets.”


Meet Coral Liburd's surgeon

Mr Seno’s areas of expertise are facial surgery, breast surgery and body surgery.

He has performed over a thousand cosmetic surgery procedures at The Hospital Group alone, and many more in Europe. In order to further his knowledge within the industry, he attends annual meetings and presentations on cosmetic and plastic surgery.


March 1989, Qualified in Medicine, University of Padova, Italy

December 2000, Specialist Consultant in Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, Pitanguy Training School, Brazil

2003 – 2004 worked in Cosmetic Surgery Private Practice, Italy

Holds practicing privileges with The Hospital Group UK and continues to further his training at University of Padova, most recently obtaining his stage two “Il Master Universitario” (2008)