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Andrea McKnight's story

Andrea McKnight's story

Gastric Band

Andrea’s weight had been problematic since her early 20s, and yo-yo dieting had left her feeling dissatisfied. After having three children and realising she couldn’t keep her weight down through dieting alone, Andrea turned to The Hospital Group.

“I was in my forties, apparently happy and confident, but at 22 stone, behind closed doors I was very unhappy with my appearance. I’d dieted so many times, and although I knew I could lose weight, it was keeping it off which was the problem.

“I finally realised that I needed to look at a long-term solution. I did my research but having seen several articles on The Hospital Group I knew they were the company to go with – I wanted to be treated by well-known specialists.

“When I met the surgeon for the first time I was impressed with how insightful and non-judgemental he was. It was so refreshing! My biggest fear was being seen as weak-willed and taking the easy way out, but the surgeon made me see that this in fact was me taking control of the situation. I went ahead and booked the gastric band and tummy tuck surgery and easily lost 3 stone on the pre-op diet.

“On the day of the surgery I wasn’t nervous, just excited. The hospital staff were extremely professional but also friendly and helped me feel completely at ease. The operation went as planned and the aftercare was brilliant. The gastric band was gradually filled until it was at a level that suited me, and my weight continued to fall. I reached my lowest weight of 11 stone two years later.

“At the age of 50, I now feel happier and healthier than ever. I play badminton (badly!) every week and no longer avoid cameras. I still have to be aware of what I eat, as even though the band makes it harder to put on weight, it’s still possible. However, I’m no longer faced with large amounts of weight to lose, just a few pounds here and there!

“In my eyes, the procedure was definitely money well spent, and my friends and family would agree. Dealing with a weight problem is not easy, especially when there is a culture of shame, but seeking help can be the answer – don’t feel like you’re taking the easy route, you’ve still got to put in the hard work, but the results speak for themselves.”

Meet Andrea McKnight's surgeon

Mr Richardson qualified in Medicine in 1989. His specialist training has focused on banding, gastric bypass and sleeve gastrectomy placements.

He has attended courses in both Europe and the USA furthering his experience and knowledge in bariatric surgery.