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Compression bras from macom®

All the support you need

Feel the benefits of a compression bra to help quicken your breast surgery recovery

As you head towards a curvier, more shapely you after breast surgery, the team at The Hospital Group will be with you every step of the way, providing the care and support you need throughout your recovery.

That’s why we’ve partnered with macom®, global leaders in surgery recovery wear, so that we can offer specialist post-surgery compression bras to help you through the days and weeks after your breast surgery.

macom®: The UK’s leading compression garments

After your surgery, you’ll be advised to rest and recover by our team of expert surgeons and nurses, to ensure you heal properly and get the best results possible from your procedure.

As well as plenty of rest, wearing compression garments is now recommended by surgeons, clinics and hospitals all over the UK, as they give your breasts the support they need as your body heals and adapts to its new shape.

Wearing a macom®compression bra in the days after your surgery can help to:

Improve your blood circulation

Minimise swelling and bruising

Stabilise your implants

Reduce the likelihood of sagging or creases

Comfort when you need it most with macom®

For a while after your breast surgery, you might struggle with movement and everyday tasks.

This is perfectly natural and part of the healing process – a process that macom® bras have been specifically designed to help with.

To make things easier, the adjustable frontal closures on a macom® bra mean you don’t need to reach around to a clasp behind your back. All bras in the range also include expandable cups and no underwiring, so you’ll always be comfortable while benefitting from the necessary compression for a fast, effective post-surgery recovery.

By using a compression bra to maintain a consistent external pressure on deep tissues, you’ll soon be back to your old self – but this time with your new boobs.

After breast surgery, it’s important to give your body the best possible aftercare. With The Hospital Group and macom® compression bras, you can rest assured that you’re doing exactly that.

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