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Gastric band packages

What gastric band packages do we offer?

Like all weight loss surgeries, the success of your gastric band journey will very much depend on your motivation to lead a healthy lifestyle. Whether you choose plus, prime or premium package, each package is designed to ensure you have the support required to help you achieve and maintain your personal weight loss goals.

With each gastric band package, all your medical fees are covered, such as your surgeon, anaesthetist and your hospital stay. You will also receive 1 year’s free membership to online slimming club BandBoozled, unlimited access to our weight loss support team and an emergency 24-hour support number. In addition, you will receive between 12-32 band adjustments dependent on your length of aftercare and up to 32 dietitian appointments.


· 12 band adjustments

· 6 dietitian appointments

· 1-year surgical cover


Our gastric band plus package includes:

18 band adjustments

12 dietitian appointments

2-year surgical cover


32 band adjustments

18 dietitian appointments

6-year surgical cover