Dr Leah wins the Apprentice and reached out to women having BOTOX

She’s hired! Following on from last night’s finale of The Apprentice 2013 where Irish doctor, Leah Totton was crowned the winner we are pleased that this will encourage patients having non-surgical treatments to visit a reputable clinic instead of hair and beauty salons offering procedures such as BOTOX and fillers.
Leah’s triumph means that she has now earned £250,000 to inject into her cosmetic and aesthetic treatment business. However she has already felt the resounding influence of Lord Sugar after he decided to abolish the name ‘NIKS Medical’ in favour of his own suggestion ‘Dr Leah’.
In the beginning Lord Sugar did have some concerns around Leah’s business plan, however she did try and relieve these worries by saying: “I want to ensure these treatments are carried out in a medical environment by properly trained medical professionals.
“I’m a woman and I’m interested in appearance. It worried me to see these procedures done by people who are not medically trained.
“We need to be clear I’m not going into this to encourage women to have these treatments, the market is already there.”
The Hospital Group echo Leah’s concerns on the industry and wants to reach out to those women who are choosing to go to the wrong clinic or injector for their non-surgical treatments. BOTOX is a prescription only medicine which a lot of patients do tend to forget, we therefore recognise that it is extremely important that the treatment is administered by a doctor or nurse practitioner.
For more information on BOTOX and fillers, as well as our full range of non-surgical treatments, please visit www.thehospitalgroup.org or call 08457 626 727.

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