Sharron gets a lift at 50

Looking fabulous at fifty, former Olympic swimmer Sharron Davis has admitted that she’s had a little help to boost her natural assets.

The glamorous mother-of-three turned 50 before Christmas and in a photo-shoot to mark her milestone birthday for Hello! Magazine, she says she works out four times a week, has never smoked and rarely drinks alcohol.

But she also confessed that regular Botox injections, fillers and breast enlargement have all played a part in keeping her looking trim and maintaining her athletic body.

“I have Botox every six months to iron out my frown lines, and fillers to plump out the skin at the sides of my nose. I’ve also had fillers once to get rid of trace lines that started appearing just above my upper lip,” she said.

“I don’t see that’s any different from having your teeth crowned, your hair coloured or your nails done. It helps me to feel better and more confident about the way I look.”

Of her breast augmentation she said: “My boobs were only put back to how they were before I’d breast-fed. It was never about trying to become Pamela Anderson!”

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