Brits raise more than a eyebrow

Despite a ‘double dip’ recession it appears the cosmetic surgery industry is a growing one.

The latest figures released this week from BAAPS (British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons) have revealed that there have been some significant trend developments within the last 12 months.

According to the latest figures, eyelid surgery and fat transfer also proved popular with both genders, showing a rise of 13% - as did facelifts, up 14%.

Highlights from the report include, male brow lifts went up by an impressive 19%, facelifts up 14%, eyelid surgery by 11% and even fat transfer procedures to the face (to restore lost volume) up by 10%.

All anti-ageing procedures experienced a double-digit rise including face (up 14%) and brow (up 17%) lifts, eyelid surgery and fat transfer (both up 13%)

It certainly appears that the boys are fast catching up with the girls as any taboos around cosmetic surgery are increasingly shrugged off as we venture into 2013, with more and more men embracing both surgical and non-surgical enhancements.

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