Brand new Britney

It’s been rumoured that 2013 will bring a brand new Britney.

A US magazine has reported that, “Britney Spears is rolling in the new year with a new look… planning a full-body over-hall which will include a strict diet and exercise program along with extensive cosmetic surgery to her body and face,”

It’s believed that Britney will include procedures such as eyelid surgery, brow liftliposuction and neck-lift.

These procedures are often chosen by women trying to maintain a youthful appearance or to enhance their features as they naturally age.

Frown lines and furrowed brows, for instance, can make a person appear angry, while drooping eyelids and excess forehead skin could indicate tiredness or aging.

And it seems British women are taking a cue from their State-side sisters as the British Association for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (BAAPS) reports that brow lifts are up 4% in the UK.

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