Cameron’s cup-size conundrum

Has she or hasn’t she? The rumours keep circulating, but recently Cameron Diaz has stirred up the cosmetic surgery rumour pot once again.

At a recent film premier, Cameron showed off an impressive cleavage, which appeared to be somewhat enhanced.

Her body appears to have become harder and more muscular, but most recently, her breasts have gotten bigger, higher and firmer.

Diaz now 40, is rumored to have had numerous procedures performed, but has only ever admitted to nose surgery after injuring her nose on a number of separate occasions.

It’s thought that Cameron has opted for a smaller implant to boost her one-cup size in order to maintain a natural yet busty look.

A breast enlargement or breast augmentation simply adds volume to breasts, making them larger and rounder with the addition of modern implants.

Breast enlargement is suitable for a number of women as it can help to enhance women who have lost volume in their breasts through breast feeding, weight loss, pregnancy or ageing.

It can also aid those who feel that their breasts are out of proportion (asymmetrical) and women who are naturally flat chested and desire a ‘curvier’, more feminine shape.

If you are considering surgical assistance, The Hospital Group offers many different breast augmentation procedures as well as, a complete range of all other cosmetic surgery and non-surgical procedures.

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