Boob job creams and slimming gels….. do they really work?

BBC have published an article online on whether slimming gels and boob job creams do really work. These products are available to buy easily on the high street or online.

Gels which can apparently make us slimmer or creams which claim to get rid of cellulite and lotions which say they are the answer for women who want bigger boobs without surgery.

But do they work?? Research says …. probably not.

Newsbeat has been shown new research which has found many of these treatments have little or any proof to back-up their “grandiose” claims.

Top surgeons believe reality shows like The Only Way is Essex, where characters openly discuss having cosmetic surgery, have ignited an interest in these type of products.

The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) is concerned customers are being misled by weak scientific research, manipulated photos and celebrity endorsements.

A spokesperson said: “If something sounds too good to be true it probably is. Use your common sense, often these products are there not to help you, but to take money out of your pockets.”

Judy Murray: Botox tamed my “scary look”

For more than a decade Judy Murray has sat in the players’ box at Wimbledon, watching her son, Andy Murray. But now she says she should no longer be accused of looking like a “scary monster” after finding Botox and a passion for fashion.

“I’ve always been seen as the mum who sits on the sidelines, pulls faces, waves her fist and looks like some kind of scary monster,” said Mrs Murray,55, in an interview with the Daily Mail’s weekend magazine.

“You see me baring my teeth or pumping my fist but I’m a competitive sportswoman – that’s just how I am. If I’d been a dad of sons or a mum of daughters I don’t think I’d of been noticed in the same way.”

She said her decision to have Botox came after finding she had more spare time on her hands now her sons were both grown up and in relationships.

“You realise they have got somebody else in their lives who they share things with and can help them, so I’ve got a bit more time. I’ve also got a bit more money.

“I’ve been single for a couple of years so I’m just enjoying having time to myself – I’ve found I like shopping, I like lunching, I like going to the spa with my friends. I’ve had a bit of Botox because I always had very deep lines.”

Now Mrs Murray is enjoying the glitz and glamour of BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing. Jude said that while her sons had teased her about her “terrible” dancing she said that they’ve actually been really supportive.

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Big Brother best friends have cosmetic surgery together

Big Brother winner Helen Wood decided to have cosmetic surgery and was joined by her BB best friends, Kim Kisselovich and Bianca Lake. They proved just how close they all were when they all decided to have cosmetic surgery together.

Helen, 27, decided to have a breast augmentation and went from a D cup to a DD cup. She previously has had a rhinoplasty so she said she felt completely at ease with having this procedure. Helen has been self conscious with her breasts since she had her son 10 years ago.

“Ever since I had my son 10 years ago my boobs were never the same. I had a massive complex about them so always wore padded bras and chicken fillets to make up for it.

“I just wanted a more natural look and size and I’ve never felt so sexy now. I can’t wait to start swanning around in my bikinis and underwear.”

Kim, who has just got engaged to fellow housemate Steven Goode, also went ahead with a breast enlargement so she can look better on her wedding day.

“I really wanted to get bigger boobs so I could fill out a gorgeous wedding dress. Before the operation my breasts looked good when I was naked but I’ve always wanted to be a curvy woman.”

Bianca rounded off the trio’s surgery with liposuction to the stomach and back. She was horrified when she watched some tapes of Big Brother back.

“I just remember thinking “Oh my god, I’ve got rolls of fat on my back. I’ve always had trouble losing weight around my stomach but I didn’t realise how disgusting it was.”

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The top new peculiar cosmetic surgery procedures

There has been a rise in dramatic cosmetic surgery procedures as people continue their quest for perfection. Forget face lifts and boob jobs – people are now modifying their ears, knees and toes in order to boost their self-esteem and confidence.


Ear rejuvenation, also known as “ear-tox”, is a new cosmetic procedure which uses dermal fillers injected into the earlobe to plump them back up. The procedure is proving popular with women over 40, especially to women who don’t have the confidence to wear their hair up.

Freckle removal

Freckles can occur naturally or develop as a result of sun exposure but many people want to remove them or have them lightened for a more even complexion. The new trend has seen women using laser treatments to banish the small pigmentation spots.

While the average Brit has around 35 freckles on their body, some people have a lot more and it seems to be wreaking havoc with their self-confidence.

Sideburn removal

Unwanted facial hair can ruin your self-esteem. That’s why one of the newest beauty trend is sideburn laser removal and is becoming increasingly popular. Clinics are using laser hair removal which uses light energy to destroy the hair follicle and ensure it doesn’t grow back.

Knee peels

Facial peels used to be all the rage but now women have taken to knee peeling. Many Caucasian women have pink knees, while many women with dark skin have brown or greyish areas on their knees. Clinics have been offering knee peels which slough away and exfoliate the top layer of skin, leaving your skin feeling smooth and radiant. It is said that knee peels are also a great way to reduce mild scarring and blemishes.

Cinderella surgery

Heels can be a squeeze for the bigger-footed women, and flip-flops can be a complete nightmare for those who don’t want to reveal their feet. Foot fillers have become increasingly popular among women in a bid to make heels more comfy, adding an extra cushion to the ball of the foot, along with so-called “Cinderella surgery”, a procedure which alters women’s feet to improve their appearance.

Beautician loses 9 stone after having a gastric band fitted

The 25 year old from Edinburgh weighed 18 stone and wore size 22 clothes when she decided to go ahead with the operation and get a gastric band fitted, following years of grabbing time-saving food like pizzas and takeaways.

“My weight had got to the point where I was constantly feeling as if I didn’t have any energy, and I was always unwell.”

After her surgery in 2013 she lost three stone in the first six weeks, and just 18 months after the procedure she is down to her dream weight of nine stone and can now wear size 10 clothes.

She admits that her diet has had a complete overhaul since surgery, and she now sticks to a daily diet of Special K, soup and stir fry.

“I’ve regained my confidence, and I love going shopping now. In my old life, I couldn’t afford to buy clothes because I was spending so much on takeaways.

“I have no regrets whatsoever.”

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Stomach voted most hated part of the body

According to new research carried out, the stomach has been voted the most hated part of the body by the British, followed closely by love handles and bingo wings.

A third of Britons voted to say their stomach was their worst feature, then the dreaded muffin top, bingo wings, thighs and nose reportedly. There was also one fifth of the population that noted their chests or pecs as one of their worst features, as well as teeth and legs.

They then went further as four in ten say they would consider changing something about their body with the help of cosmetic surgery.

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Kim Kardashian super fan spends £18,000 to look like her idol

A super fan of Kim Kardashian has forked out on a string of procedures including a boob job, hair extensions, spray tans and teeth whitening in order to imitate reality star Kim’s appearance.

The 24 year old has not finished there either; she now wants to have the part of Kim’s figure that is most famous – her booty. There has been no operation yet but instead she wears silicone-padded pants to boost her bottom and is eventually planning to undergo a fat transfer procedure.

The fan appeared on ITV’s This Morning to explain the reasons behind this transformation. It came to light that she was badly bullied at school over her looks and it took her a decade to realise she wasn’t unattractive – and imitating Kim’s look has helped her build her confidence and make her happier.

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Do you need help choosing the right sports bra?

After having a breast surgery you will need to wear a post op sports bra for 4-8 weeks after. Your sports bra will be a real investment as most patients continue wearing their sports bra for bed and for exercise, supporting their results even after the recommended time. Below are some helpful tips to help you choose the right sports bra for you.

How many sports bras will I need?

We would recommend that you purchase a couple of bras because you are advised to wear one for a few weeks – meaning when one is in the wash you are without if you only have one. We also advise that buying a range of sizes could be helpful as your swelling can increase and decrease (each persons rate of swelling is different).

What type of sports bra should I buy?

After breast surgery it is difficult to lift your arms above your head, therefore finding it difficult to pull a sports bra over your head so we advise that you buy one that either fastens at the front or back making changing a lot more comfortable. Also finding one with adjustable straps can also maximise comfort and support. We also find cotton more comfortable compared to other materials such as lycra.

What size should I buy?

At your consultation you will discuss your desired breast size with your surgeon and even though a cup size can not be 100% guaranteed before surgery you will have an idea of a size. We recommend that you purchase a sports bra that is a cup size bigger than this due to swelling after your procedure. It is also important to get a back size bigger than what you would normally wear so that the bra is not rubbing on your incisions or is uncomfortable in anyway.

Michelle Keegan is willing to consider Botox later in life

Michelle Keegan, former Coronation Star, sees nothing wrong with using the wrinkle-smoothing injections to keep her looking younger.

“I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it, but as an actress you can’t have too much done. It can get picked up on screen and you need emotion in your face – but you never know further down the line.”

The 27 year old is engaged to former ‘The Only Way Is Essex’ star Mark Wright and although Mark is always groomed and dressed well, Michelle insists his time in the bathroom is minimal and she wouldn’t be happy if her man took longer to get ready than her.

“I don’t mind men looking after themselves but I like a man to be a man! If they do more than I do, I get a bit worried. Everybody thinks Mark is really preened – but he gets ready on 10 minutes, every day! He’s very laid back about it.”

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VASER Lipo recovery hints and tips

Here are some helpful hints for after your VASER Lipo procedure. As long as the pre and post op instructions that are given to you are followed along with these helpful hints then you should have a safe and successful recovery.


In most cases you will see some results instantly but swelling does occur and it can increase for a few days. We recommend that the final results can be seen 3 to 6 months after the procedure.


Although it sounds unpleasant leaking is good for your recovery as it helps to reduce swelling as your body is getting rid of this extra fluid. Leaking can be expected for the first 24 to 48 hours after your procedure. We recommend wearing dark loose clothing to feel more comfortable for the first few days – any leakage is more obvious on light clothing.


It is crucial that you wear your supplied compression garment. The clinical team will inform you of the length of time you must wear the garment for. It aims to reduce swelling, provide support, improve circulation and help with contouring.


Because the recovery for VASER Lipo is a lot quicker than traditional lipo it means that you can get back to the gym and exercising quicker but you must follow your surgeons advice to avoid vigorous exercise for at lease 4 weeks after your procedure.

Healthy Diet

Think about healthy food choices to help maintain a healthy BMI and plenty of fruit, vegetables and protein is a must. We also recommend that you stay hydrated and drink plenty of water. Bloating and constipation can also be normal following the days after your procedure and it can be made worse by the medication supplied by the clinical team on the day of your procedure. As this can be uncomfortable, we advise to eat food that is high in fibre.

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