Jeremy Kyle: I’ve had Botox injections so I can look younger on screen

Chat show host Jeremy Kyle has revealed he’s had Botox injections in a bid to remain youthful on screen.

The 49 year old let cameras film him having the treatment for an episode of his latest TV series the Kyle Files. Kyle opened up about the injections, saying:

“I gave it a lot of thought and I don’t regret it at all. I see pictures of myself before Botox and I see the ones after and I am happy.

“I am on television 1500 times a year and it is a very small way, and a safe way, of looking a little better than I used to.

“Is that vanity? Some will say that. Is it silly? Some will say it is. But I’m not going to lie about it, why would I?”

The outspoken star has revealed he’d like to stand for parliament when his TV days are over and address head on the issues he deals with in his show.

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Researchers find ‘strong link’ between weight loss surgery and survival

According to a new study in the Journal of the American Medical Association obese people can gain extra years of life after weight loss surgery – halving their risk of dying early from any cause.

New evidence from the study shows bariatric surgery – giving people procedures such as gastric bands – can improve long-term survival for patients from any age group. This reportedly works by cutting diabetes and other obesity-related conditions including heart problems. The research also shows that it has become safer in recent years.

The study found obese people had a 53% lower risk of dying from any cause at five to fourteen years after weight loss surgery. The study involved 2500 obese patients and nearly 7500 matched control receiving care at medical centres in the US Department of Veterans Affairs health system.

“We have tracked a large group of patients for a long enough time that we can clearly see a strong link between bariatric surgery and long-term survival,” says study leader Dr David Arteburn.

“As time passes, the risk of dying among the patients who’ve had surgery appears to be diverging from those of the matched controls who haven’t had surgery.”

Operations for weight loss surgery such as the fitting of a gastric band or gastric bypass surgery are available to treat obesity by reducing the amount of food eaten.

The World Health Organisation warns obesity has reached epidemic proportion globally, with at least 2.8 million people dying each year as a result of being overweight or obese.

It warns 44 % of the diabetes burden, 23% of the heart disease burden and between 7% and 41% of the burden of certain cancers are attributable to people being overweight or obese.

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Cosmetic surgery trends 2015

With the end of one year and beginning of another year, clinic comparison website have taken time to have a look at cosmetic surgery trends in 2014 and come up with their own predictions for cosmetic surgery in 2015.

They have identified the top cosmetic surgery trends of last year. And what was the most popular?

Rhinoplasty, better known as nose jobs. This procedure rose by 1,200% in 2014, while nasal tip surgery saw an increase of 763%.

Last year, according to WhatClinic’s research, also saw enquiries for mini facelifts increase as well as eye-lift surgery, which have increased by 578%.

Combating weight issues was popular last year too, with mini abdominoplasty, full abdominoplasty and lipoabdominoplasty being popular choices.

Liposuction is the third most popular surgical treatment in the UK, with fat transfer close behind in fourth and tummy tucks in seventh place, in terms of enquiries. Despite already being constantly popular, enquiries for liposuction have risen by 69% in the past 12 months, while fat transfer enquiries are up 166% and tummy tucks up 68%.

The director of said: “Not only is the market huge – it’s growing at a phenomenal rate. With obesity a growing concern, it’s no surprise that bariatric procedures are on the rise. These figures confirm that in the UK, breast augmentation and nose jobs are more popular then ever.

“With demand so high, it’s crucial that patients have access to information about the credentials and qualifications of their chosen practitioner. We advise anyone considering going under the knife, to find a practitioner who is qualified, experienced and totally transparent about the risks involved. Don’t be afraid to ask about qualifications and insurance cover.”

WhatClinic predict 2015 top five procedures:

1. Neck liposuction
2. Lip reduction
3. Liposuction
4. Gynaecology surgery
5. Chin implant

Tyra Banks shares her anti-ageing tips

Supermodel and host of “America’s Next Top Model” Tyra Banks is an internationally renowned star, who, like many supermodels, never seems to look a day older. So we’ve compiled her top tips for anti-ageing.

“I’m obsessed with moisture. I’m not afraid of oils. I think my obsession with moisturizing is one of the reasons I’ve held onto not looking my age.

Tyra credits her mother for her skin care knowledge and claims to follow her advice about moisturising immediately after a shower, even now. Keeping to a strict skin care regime, Tyra opens up about her face washing ritual.

“I wash my makeup off before I go to bed 99.9 percent of the time, but sometimes when I’m too tired I won’t. Back in the day when I wasn’t wearing non-comodogenic makeup, I’d break out, so I really feel beautiful doing the ritual of washing off my makeup.”

The TV host, who’s often been linked with nose reshaping has not ruled out non-surgical treatments or cosmetic surgery to fight the signs of age.

Tyra said that she was frustrated with other models who talk negatively about cosmetic surgery.

“I hate when models say ‘oh plastic surgery is just a wrong thing.’ What are you talking about? You won the genetic lottery.”

Not one to mince her words, Tyra says she is all for cosmetic surgery. In fact, the creator and host of the hit reality show Americas Next Top Model thinks its “absolutely fantastic”.

Does that mean that the still-radiant 40 year old has plans to go under the knife in the future?

“I’m very lucky. But if one day I have wrinkles and don’t like it, I don’t know if I’ll cut myself but maybe …… a little Botox and fillers.”

Jenni Murray: “Surgery is not a quick fix, for me, it’s the only fix”

Dame Jenni Murray has made a career out of asking difficult questions so it is no surprise that the Woman’s Hour presenter is equally direct when it comes to her own life.

“I am obese and I need to do something about it”

Over the years Jenni has tried every diet going. She’s consumed cabbage soup in large quantities, cut out carbohydrates and a few years ago did actually lose 7 stone. The only problem was that she put it back on, which is why she is now planning to have a gastric bypass.

“This is not about vanity, it’s about my health. I’ve had cancer, I’ve had a hip replacement and I want to live for a while longer yet. Surgery is not a quick fix, for me, it’s the only fix.”

The 64 year old admits that her weight has always yo-yoed, but it was when she hit 50 that she began to resemble a “blow up balloon”.

It was then that she carried out extensive research into the causes of obesity and is now sufficiently convinced that if she doesn’t have surgery she will never be able to shift the extra weight.

“Initially I was thinking of having a gastric band, but the more research I did, the more I realised that I would be better having a bypass. A band basically creates a new mini stomach, which limits the amount of food you can eat because you become fuller quicker. A bypass, which diverts food from the upper stomach to the small intestine not only reduces the amount of food you eat but also the amount absorbed.”

When Murray first wrote about the possibility of surgery this summer she admitted she was worried about the response.

“It was a concern but there wasn’t a backlash. I was very careful how I wrote that piece. I wanted to be honest, but I also wanted to address some of the misconceptions surrounding the whole issue of weight loss surgery.”

Katie Price to have seventh breast enlargement

Katie Price has revealed plans to have her seventh boob job after Christmas and hopes to sell her current implants in a bid to raise money for charity.

The former glamour model has given birth to her fifth child – daughter Bunny – in August this year, and she says pregnancy has had a negative effect on her 34F breasts.

“I’m having a boob job, it’s my Christmas present to myself. It’s weird but I only had my boobs done 3 months before I met Kieran and they were the best boobs that I have ever done.

“Then I was pregnant for two years and they need redoing again. There will be no babies for a while.”

The 36 year old admits that she’s keen to put her old implants to good use once she finally has the operation.

“We should sell these implants for charity,” she told The Sun. “I’ve got more pairs in the safe. You could have these right from inside me in a few weeks.”

Katie admits that her breasts generate mixed comments but she’s well aware that they have helped to boost her career.

Renee Zellwegger’s changing face

The 45 year old actress shocked her fans last week when she emerged on the red carpet looking a far cry from fresh faced Bridget Jones – the character she is best known for playing.

According to a top cosmetic surgeon Renee may have had a little help to achieve this new look.

“It is apparent that she has undergone a number of subtle cosmetic procedures to change the appearance of her face.”

“Renee has undergone some facial procedures to contour the shape of her face including fillers, around her nasolabial folds and cheeks to give her face a fuller appearance, plus Botox around the brow area to tighten her skin and make it appear more youthful.”

“The most significant procedure appears to be Blepharoplasty (eye bag removal and eye lid reduction) which has opened up her eyes and face dramatically. In her youth Renee had heavier lids which after time may cause a ‘droopy’ or ‘tired appearance’ but in more recent images it is clear she’s had some skin and or fat removed which has opened up her eyes.”

There has been no confirmation from Renee that she has had cosmetic surgery, a spokesperson for the actress has been contacted for comment.

Boob job creams and slimming gels….. do they really work?

BBC have published an article online on whether slimming gels and boob job creams do really work. These products are available to buy easily on the high street or online.

Gels which can apparently make us slimmer or creams which claim to get rid of cellulite and lotions which say they are the answer for women who want bigger boobs without surgery.

But do they work?? Research says …. probably not.

Newsbeat has been shown new research which has found many of these treatments have little or any proof to back-up their “grandiose” claims.

Top surgeons believe reality shows like The Only Way is Essex, where characters openly discuss having cosmetic surgery, have ignited an interest in these type of products.

The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) is concerned customers are being misled by weak scientific research, manipulated photos and celebrity endorsements.

A spokesperson said: “If something sounds too good to be true it probably is. Use your common sense, often these products are there not to help you, but to take money out of your pockets.”

Judy Murray: Botox tamed my “scary look”

For more than a decade Judy Murray has sat in the players’ box at Wimbledon, watching her son, Andy Murray. But now she says she should no longer be accused of looking like a “scary monster” after finding Botox and a passion for fashion.

“I’ve always been seen as the mum who sits on the sidelines, pulls faces, waves her fist and looks like some kind of scary monster,” said Mrs Murray,55, in an interview with the Daily Mail’s weekend magazine.

“You see me baring my teeth or pumping my fist but I’m a competitive sportswoman – that’s just how I am. If I’d been a dad of sons or a mum of daughters I don’t think I’d of been noticed in the same way.”

She said her decision to have Botox came after finding she had more spare time on her hands now her sons were both grown up and in relationships.

“You realise they have got somebody else in their lives who they share things with and can help them, so I’ve got a bit more time. I’ve also got a bit more money.

“I’ve been single for a couple of years so I’m just enjoying having time to myself – I’ve found I like shopping, I like lunching, I like going to the spa with my friends. I’ve had a bit of Botox because I always had very deep lines.”

Now Mrs Murray is enjoying the glitz and glamour of BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing. Jude said that while her sons had teased her about her “terrible” dancing she said that they’ve actually been really supportive.

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Big Brother best friends have cosmetic surgery together

Big Brother winner Helen Wood decided to have cosmetic surgery and was joined by her BB best friends, Kim Kisselovich and Bianca Lake. They proved just how close they all were when they all decided to have cosmetic surgery together.

Helen, 27, decided to have a breast augmentation and went from a D cup to a DD cup. She previously has had a rhinoplasty so she said she felt completely at ease with having this procedure. Helen has been self conscious with her breasts since she had her son 10 years ago.

“Ever since I had my son 10 years ago my boobs were never the same. I had a massive complex about them so always wore padded bras and chicken fillets to make up for it.

“I just wanted a more natural look and size and I’ve never felt so sexy now. I can’t wait to start swanning around in my bikinis and underwear.”

Kim, who has just got engaged to fellow housemate Steven Goode, also went ahead with a breast enlargement so she can look better on her wedding day.

“I really wanted to get bigger boobs so I could fill out a gorgeous wedding dress. Before the operation my breasts looked good when I was naked but I’ve always wanted to be a curvy woman.”

Bianca rounded off the trio’s surgery with liposuction to the stomach and back. She was horrified when she watched some tapes of Big Brother back.

“I just remember thinking “Oh my god, I’ve got rolls of fat on my back. I’ve always had trouble losing weight around my stomach but I didn’t realise how disgusting it was.”

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