Kim Kardashian super fan spends £18,000 to look like her idol

A super fan of Kim Kardashian has forked out on a string of procedures including a boob job, hair extensions, spray tans and teeth whitening in order to imitate reality star Kim’s appearance.

The 24 year old has not finished there either; she now wants to have the part of Kim’s figure that is most famous – her booty. There has been no operation yet but instead she wears silicone-padded pants to boost her bottom and is eventually planning to undergo a fat transfer procedure.

The fan appeared on ITV’s This Morning to explain the reasons behind this transformation. It came to light that she was badly bullied at school over her looks and it took her a decade to realise she wasn’t unattractive – and imitating Kim’s look has helped her build her confidence and make her happier.

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Do you need help choosing the right sports bra?

After having a breast surgery you will need to wear a post op sports bra for 4-8 weeks after. Your sports bra will be a real investment as most patients continue wearing their sports bra for bed and for exercise, supporting their results even after the recommended time. Below are some helpful tips to help you choose the right sports bra for you.

How many sports bras will I need?

We would recommend that you purchase a couple of bras because you are advised to wear one for a few weeks – meaning when one is in the wash you are without if you only have one. We also advise that buying a range of sizes could be helpful as your swelling can increase and decrease (each persons rate of swelling is different).

What type of sports bra should I buy?

After breast surgery it is difficult to lift your arms above your head, therefore finding it difficult to pull a sports bra over your head so we advise that you buy one that either fastens at the front or back making changing a lot more comfortable. Also finding one with adjustable straps can also maximise comfort and support. We also find cotton more comfortable compared to other materials such as lycra.

What size should I buy?

At your consultation you will discuss your desired breast size with your surgeon and even though a cup size can not be 100% guaranteed before surgery you will have an idea of a size. We recommend that you purchase a sports bra that is a cup size bigger than this due to swelling after your procedure. It is also important to get a back size bigger than what you would normally wear so that the bra is not rubbing on your incisions or is uncomfortable in anyway.

Michelle Keegan is willing to consider Botox later in life

Michelle Keegan, former Coronation Star, sees nothing wrong with using the wrinkle-smoothing injections to keep her looking younger.

“I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it, but as an actress you can’t have too much done. It can get picked up on screen and you need emotion in your face – but you never know further down the line.”

The 27 year old is engaged to former ‘The Only Way Is Essex’ star Mark Wright and although Mark is always groomed and dressed well, Michelle insists his time in the bathroom is minimal and she wouldn’t be happy if her man took longer to get ready than her.

“I don’t mind men looking after themselves but I like a man to be a man! If they do more than I do, I get a bit worried. Everybody thinks Mark is really preened – but he gets ready on 10 minutes, every day! He’s very laid back about it.”

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VASER Lipo recovery hints and tips

Here are some helpful hints for after your VASER Lipo procedure. As long as the pre and post op instructions that are given to you are followed along with these helpful hints then you should have a safe and successful recovery.


In most cases you will see some results instantly but swelling does occur and it can increase for a few days. We recommend that the final results can be seen 3 to 6 months after the procedure.


Although it sounds unpleasant leaking is good for your recovery as it helps to reduce swelling as your body is getting rid of this extra fluid. Leaking can be expected for the first 24 to 48 hours after your procedure. We recommend wearing dark loose clothing to feel more comfortable for the first few days – any leakage is more obvious on light clothing.


It is crucial that you wear your supplied compression garment. The clinical team will inform you of the length of time you must wear the garment for. It aims to reduce swelling, provide support, improve circulation and help with contouring.


Because the recovery for VASER Lipo is a lot quicker than traditional lipo it means that you can get back to the gym and exercising quicker but you must follow your surgeons advice to avoid vigorous exercise for at lease 4 weeks after your procedure.

Healthy Diet

Think about healthy food choices to help maintain a healthy BMI and plenty of fruit, vegetables and protein is a must. We also recommend that you stay hydrated and drink plenty of water. Bloating and constipation can also be normal following the days after your procedure and it can be made worse by the medication supplied by the clinical team on the day of your procedure. As this can be uncomfortable, we advise to eat food that is high in fibre.

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“I look like myself but Photoshopped!”

A woman from Los Angeles has spent $15,000 on cosmetic surgery so that she could take perfect ‘selfies’.

Triana Lavey revealed to ABC’s Nightline that she ‘hated’ the way she looked in Facebook and Instagram photographs with her ‘weak chin’ being the main concern. She underwent a nose job, chin implant and cheek-defining fat grafts in a bid to be more photogenic. Two years down the line and she says she’s overjoyed with the results.

“I now have the face that I always thought that I had. I look like myself, but Photoshopped!

“Your social media presence is just as important as your real-life presence. It’s a legitimate form of promoting yourself,” she adds to try and justify the need for surgery. “Not everyone is born beautiful and if you can get a little help from nip-tuck then more power to you.”

The 38 year old talent manager has now finished having surgery but still has regular Botox injections to ensure she looks her best.

“Botox to me is a necessity. It’s kind of like in my bills like rent, food, gasoline, medical insurance………Botox.”

The American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery reported this year that the rise of ‘selfies’ is having a huge impact on the cosmetic surgery industry. After surveying 2700 surgeons, one in three reported an increase in requests for procedures due to patients being more self-aware of looks in social media.

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As bikini season approaches Vaser Lipo is up by a fifth

As we approach bikini season more and more people are opting to invest in body-sculpting cosmetic procedures to help them achieve the ultimate toned figure in the lead-up to summer.

The Daily Mail did some research and found that there has been a 21% increase in the number of women opting for VASER liposuction, a minimally invasive procedure that uses state-of-the-art ultrasonic technology to remove fat and reshape the body.

They also found that rather than pinpointing one ‘problem area’ to target, more people are opting to target multiple areas of our bodies in order to achieve an all over sculpted figure. Overall 73% of female patients who underwent the treatment decided to target two or more areas of their body.

“Many female patients have the ultimate goal to look good and feel confident in a bikini. Patients are often influenced by photographs of female celebrities looking toned and in shape in swimwear,” said a cosmetic surgeon.

The Daily Mail spoke to one woman who decided to have VASER Lipo on her stomach, hips, inner, front and outer thighs, her saddle bags and her chin.

“I have always had an hour glass figure. I have a small waist, curvy hips and quite large thighs. I eat well, I go to the gym regularly and I don’t mind having a curvy figure, but I have always wished that my body was more toned and sculpted.

“I decided to undergo this, not as a quick fix solution, but as a means of targeting the stubborn areas of fat on my body. I felt the procedure would help give me the motivation I needed, moving forward, to keep my body in the shape I wanted it to be.

“Now, after the procedure, I still have a really curvy figure but I feel my body looks more sculpted and I have better definition. I feel more confident in a bikini and generally just a lot more positive about my body shape.”

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Rosie O’Donnell loses 50lbs following life saving weight loss surgery

When actress Rosie O’Donnell suffered a severe heart attack in 2012 she vowed to change her life. Now, two years later, the 52 year old has proudly reported that she has lost almost 50lbs following gastric sleeve surgery last year.

Tweeting before and after pictures, the star wrote;

“Almost 50lbs off – I can see it now.”

Fans of the actress and comedian were quite proud, with one commentator exclaiming, “@Rosie: You look fantastic”, and another writing “@Rosie: SO PROUD OF YOU!”

The 12-time Emmy winner revealed in February that she underwent weight loss surgery and announced that she did so to save her life. Rosie tried to lose weight on her own but it wasn’t working and her weight was causing other health problems like high blood pressure, high cholesterol and pre-diabetes.

The mother of five – now 180 pounds – realised the surgery was absolutely necessary in her case.

The gastric sleeve procedure is normally done through keyhole surgery and involves vertical removal of up to 75% of the stomach area. This means the stomach continues to function as normal, but is simply smaller which then reduces the appetite and makes it easier to cut down dramatically on calorie intake.

If you would like to learn more regarding this weight loss surgery procedure then why not book a free, no obligation consultation with a GMC registered bariatric surgeon and dedicated patient care co-ordinator. At your consultation you will be able to discuss the procedure in detail and ask any questions you may have. Many of our patient care co-ordinators have in fact had a procedure themselves so can share their experience with you first hand.

Cosmetic surgeons in America try new 3-D imaging technology

The surge in cosmetic surgery has been in the media headlines a lot recently and now reportedly there may be a new way for potential patients to visualize their cosmetic makeovers.

Dr Peter Geldner, a Chicago-based plastic surgeon, is one of the few surgeons in the USA to have the VECTRA 3-D Imaging System and he believes that this piece of technology could change the industry.

“With this technology, we can show a patient what his or her body will look like following the desired procedure so there’s no guessing about an outcome.”

The VECTRA System uses three-dimensional photographic simulations to scan the body and capture a 3-D digital image. The software then allows the surgeon to manipulate the proportions of the body, offering a patient a realistic expectation of the final product. 

“If a woman is interested in breast augmentation but is on the fence regarding size, VECTRA will provide projections of various implant sizes so she can make the most educated decision,” Dr Geldner added.

Now that VECTRA Systems is being tested by surgeons in the US we will have to wait and see whether it takes off and whether the technology will be brought to Great Britain in the future.

Big Bang Theory actress admits to boob job

The Big Bang Theory star, Kaley Cuoco, had previously brushed off the rumours that she had undergone breast surgery but now the star has confirmed they are true after all. The actress told Cosmopolitan Magazine that she had breast implants when she was 18 years old and claims it was the “best decision” she ever made.

When speaking on the red carpet of her new movie Authors Anonymous inLos Angelesthe 28 year old joked that she thought it was already public knowledge that she’d had a boob job.

“Well it’s weird, I was just telling them, in my head I think I thought it was knowledge and then when I said it I’m like maybe it’s not knowledge. I thought the whole world knew. I told everybody I don’t care.

“It’s one of the best things that I’ve ever done and I love them. I’m super happy. I would do it again in a heartbeat.”

Kaley also went on to speak about her marriage to tennis player Ryan Sweeting;

“It’s been three months. I am a total wife. Oh my god. I am a cooker, I won’t say I clean, but I cook and I love every second of it.”

A breast enlargement simply adds volume to breasts, making them larger and rounder with the addition of implants. If you are considering breast surgery then contact The Hospital Group for a free, no obligation consultation with a GMC registered surgeon.

Woman loses 17 stone after weight loss surgery

The Daily Mail has published an article earlier this week highlighting problems and difficulties that obese or overweight women come across when pregnant.

 NHS Choices give the following facts for obesity and pregnancy:

  • About 15 to 20 percent of pregnant women in theUKare now overweight or obese.
  • Most manage to have a successful pregnancy however; being overweight increases the risk of miscarriage, high blood pressure, blood clots and infections. It can also cause problems with breastfeeding and having a baby with an abnormally high birth weight.
  • Obese pregnant women are more likely to need an induction, an instrumental delivery – using forceps or ventouse – or a caesarean.
  • Their babies are more likely to have health problems later in life or have birth defects.

Daily Mail told the story of Michelle, 35, who had been trying for a child since 1999 but suffered from miscarriages right up until 2007. The emotional heartbreak from this and also three failed marriages caused her to turn to comfort eating.

In 2007, the doctor warned Michelle that it was her weight that was making it harder to have a successful pregnancy and that her obesity was putting strain on her heart and endangering her life. It was then that Michelle decided to change her life and undergo gastric bypass surgery.

Michelle then went on to lose an astonishing 17 stone – over half of her weight – and at a healthy 13 stone she finally gave birth to a daughter in January last year.

If you would like to learn more regarding weight loss surgery procedure then contact The Hospital Group to book a free, no obligation consultation with a GMC registered bariatric surgeon and dedicated patient co-ordinator. At your consultations you will be able to discuss the procedure in detail and ask any questions you may have. Many of our patient care co-ordinators have in fact had a procedure themselves so can share their experience with you first hand.